Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Breastfeeding your baby in a rocking chair

When i was pregnant with Gordon, naturally, the first thing i did was to go online to look for more information. Being a first time Mom, i wanted to know as much as possible on how to deal with all the pregnancy issues as they arise. I'm lucky as i have my Mom, MIL and Sisters to share with me their pregnancy experiences. I'm the last to get married and also the last to have kids in the family. It's not entirely my fault as Gordon took 7 years to decide to come and live with me, lol. In a way, my first pregnancy was wonderful, with no complications whatsoever. I went for my regular monthly checkups, and saw my tummy getting bigger day by day, and Gordon kicking inside each time i call his name. He's a very playful baby even before he's born. He still is till today.

One of the best decisions i've made when i was pregnant was i wanted to breastfeed Gordon exclusively. That means, no water and no formula will ever be fed to him for as long as i breastfeed him. I asked all my friends who've breastfed their babies exclusively for at least a year and all of them tell me that breastfeeding benefits both mother and child at the same time. Baby gets the best nutrients on earth that's tailor-made especially for him, and breastfeeding helped my uterus to contract and lose all the pregnancy fat very fast. So fast that i got back into my skinny jeans in less than two weeks. I remember that well as i took Gordon out on the 12th day to get his Identity Card weaing my favorite pair of jeans, lol!!!!

A few friends asked me to buy a rocking chair back so that i can breastfeed Gordon in it. They all say it's very relaxing and helps relieves backache. Moreover, if Gordon gets cranky or has a hard time sleeping, the rocking movement will send him to dreamland in a jiffy. I never bought myself a rocking as my room is far to small to have one in it. I'm also thankful that Gordon never gave me any problems at all during the first two years. He's an angel during his baby years. Practically fuss-free. Still is when he's asleep now, hahaha. Well, if you have the space in your bedroom, you may want to consider buying a rocking chair back, line it with a nice comfortable rocking chair cushion, so that you can relax and breastfeed your baby in it. Hope you have an enjoyable and wonderful breastfeeding journey with your baby. I did :)

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