Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My 3 years as an online income earner

Yesterday, 17th Nov, was the first time i wrote a paidpost on this blog. That was way back in 2006. I received $10 from that one single post. It was that very post that changed my blogging life. I gave birth to more blogs to cater to the paidpost industry that spread like wildfire back then. Malcolm was only 4 months old when paidpost fever hit me. There's money dropping and i sat here at my computer grabbing as much as i could 24/7. My daily income from paidposts alone can go as high as USD200/day, giving me a 5 figure monthly income many times over. For those of you reading this now and dreaming about jumping onto the paidpost bandwagon, the high tide is well over long time ago. Anti-climax lehhhh.....soli, hoh. Not my fault.

Many top Malaysian paidpost income earners have been through lots of ups and downs in this industry. They are my blog buddies and we all worked as a team each night. Our working hours usually start at 10pm and we will sit at our computer keeping each other company well into the wee hours of the morning. I used to work till 5 or 6am each day for two years straight, with Malcolm stuck to my nenn as i pummeled away at my keyboard. I cannot recall how i managed to do it but all i know is that i have lots of debts to repay and this is helping me out. Let's just say it's the 3 Ds of Self Motivation that kept me going. The Desire, Determination & Dedication to succeed. I'm going to add another 2 more Ds to it. For me, it's Desperation & Debt-free.

I dont waste time. I worked hard and i worked smart. I invested in the latest gadgets, softwares and multiple internet lines to keep my money flowing in. My blogs are on VPS and not shared hosting to ensure they dont suffer downtime. I cut myself off entirely from society. In a way, i'm lucky as my kids were still small and not "that" demanding yet. I really used all the time i had on hand to blog and blog and blog and blog. I've written tens of thousands of posts over these three years. At my peak, i can churn out around 200 posts in any given day, dun play play, lol. Life as a blogger isnt a glamor thing as people think. But beats telling people i'm an efnd silai at home. BTW, both hubby and i were partners in an Interior Design Business until we decided to call it quits. He went on to become a network marketer and i wanted to sit home and play Mommy.

Blogging is a way for me to maintain my sanity. It can a tad boring for someone like me to stay home with a baby. Moreover, life wasnt that good when i first moved into this household. I had lots of SILs whom i called IBS. A term i coined for them which means Irritating Bitchy SILs (IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a debilitating disease of the gastrointestinal tract. They love to come over and create disharmony within the household. But then, i have a great man by my side. He will fark them off on my behalf. They seldom come over unless they really have to. As for me, i'll rant about them on my blogs to let off steam. Definitely better than screaming at them, right. Why bother. My blogs are my best friends, my toys and my virtual money machine. To be honest, i'm only happy when i'm seated in front of the pc.

Come next February, all my debts will be fully settled. I can always do so now but i dont see the point as i dont get a deduction in interest from the banks, lol. In all, the timing is just right. I feel very blessed that i can now fully concentrate and give my kids the time and attention they truly deserve. Gordon will need a lot of attention from me as he's going to STD 1 next year. I will still blog of course, but more for leisure than anything else. I no longer make as much as i used to. Most of my income are residual type from Adsense, niche blogging, online affiliate stores and impression ads. Paidposts only make up a small fraction of it. But the monthly earnings are enough for me to splurge on myself and my family every once in a while, and invest for the future.  Damn.... i still want my Mini Cooper. LOL!!!!

FYI, i am not an Internet Guru nor will i ever teach anyone how to make money online. I dont think i'm qualified for that. If you were to ask me how to make money online, i'll definitely tell you to start a bunch of blogs, and not one. I'm still learning everyday. The internet and ways to make money online changes fast and i have to keep up with the trend in order to succeed in the long run. What works for me may not work for you. You have to test water yourself. You can ask me anything you like but my answers will be from my very own online experience which may not be agreeable by everyone. I dont care whether you agree or not cos you are not the one that gives me money, ok. If i dont reply your questions, live with it. I got a life to lead. The internet doesnt bite. At the worst, Google kills your blog. If that happens, stfu and make another. I move on, i dont look back. That's the way i do things.

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