Saturday, December 05, 2009

Malcolm has gone for Art Class

How come i get hungry each time i have to meet datelines? I have five more posts to publish and am trying my best to finish them by 4pm. I'm so happy that i can really sit down and concentrate on my blogs on a weekend for once. Malcolm wanted to join Gordon at the art school and he's there now. Without him home bugging me every 5 minutes, i can really get down to working on my blogs in peace. I should have thought of that much earlier, lol. But then, Malcolm was still too young to go for art class. He can now color quite well. Another thing is, he can sit down quietly and also follow instructions. Well, let's see if still wants to go there next week. I'd better enjoy the freedom now, lol.

Let me see what's next. Hubby just left for KL and he reminded me to buy some Baseball Equipment for his friend's kid. He couldnt find any at the local stores. i told him about this online store that sells Baseball Equipments. It's better to buy them online since we can compare and get better prices. Thank God my kids are still small and they are not into sports yet. But knowing boys, they all love sporting goods. Christmas is just a few short weeks away. Have you bought presents for your friends and family members yet? If you are buying for boys, then sporting goods are a firm favorite with them.

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