Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I cant read Chinese, period

I actually planned on spending a month in KL with hubby and the kids. It's the long school holidays and my big kid will be starting Std 1 next year. I was thinking it'll be nice to take him to the city so that he can have a great holiday there with his cousin. I even checked with friends who might have an apartment to let for a month. Some suggested i stay at a service apartment as it's more convenient and hassle-free. I was still in the planning stage when Pat told me to check out the documents that my kid's school gave me when i went to confirm his place a few months back. And that's when all my planning got truncated, sigh. I can see a long list of dates on the documents. As the documents were all written in Chinese characters, for once, i'm lost in a sea of foreign language, lol!!!!!

Being Chinese, i feel so hopeless and useless for not being able to read what's written on those documents. I wonder how my kid is going to feel when he starts school in a whole new environment. He can read and write in English. As for Chinese, i think he can understand a bit as he studied the language at the Kindy for three years. He doesnt seem to like it much, especially when it comes to the written part. I've only been to the school twice and i hope it has lobby signs in English too. I'd sure hate to be in a place where i cannot read nor understand what's on the signages. If the school doesnt have it, maybe i should bring the subject up to the school next time and point them to where they can buy Lobby Signs online. Well, i know my kid will adjust to the new environment. Just gotta be patient....

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Philip said...

Ha ha, I feel much better already, as I myself can't read or write a word of Chinese!