Thursday, December 31, 2009

Gordon's School Orientation Day

Just like all other kids born in year 2003, Gordon went for his School Orientation Day yesterday. He'll be starting Std 1 next year. Being a kid who's been brought up in an all- English speaking environment, the years ahead will definitely be tough for him. He's going to a Chinese School. He will adapt; cos he is Samm's son, lol.

I woke up at 6.30am, half zombied as i spend the whole night reminding myself to wake up. Called my niece (the interpreter) up. She's going there with me as hubby's gone back to KL. Prepared some food to eat on the way to the school. I woke Gordon up at 7.10am, got him ready, took a few pics and out the door by 7.30am.

Here are just some of the pics i took.

Some miracle must have happened yesterday morning as i somehow managed to get Gordon to pose a decent picture for me to snap. Isnt he hensem :)

We reached the school by 7.45am and i didnt have much problem getting a parking space. Had to walk a bit lah but not that i mind. At 8am, all the kids were lined up at the basketball court. I had to make him stand at the end of the line with his hand in mine as i got sick and tired of chasing after him. Dont even need a fitness equipment looking after him.

After the long speech which was delivered in both Mandarin and BM, the kids were led to their respective classroom. I then went to submit all the relevant documents and paid his school fees which amounted to Rm172.50. So much.... Gahmen school sommore.

I think Gordon's lucky to have a young teacher in her twenties teaching him this year. I believe she'll have more patience compared to someone older. She's explaining to the kids in Mandarin the do and donts. An older Brother Scout is stationed in each classroom to help the teacher take care of the younger kids.

Parents were told not to hang around the classrooms but somehow, many chose to ignore. I walked over to take a few pics and went back to the basketball court to wait for it to be over.

At 10am, the kids were back. Gordon was led by hand back to the basketball court and made to stand at the front. This is how many adults needed to make him stand in line. He ran to me when he saw me. I led him back to his place and the first thing his teacher asked me was,

"Your son? He rolls about on the floor"

I told her i'll need to sit down with her and tell her more about my kid and hopefully, she'll seat him right in front of her table. It's not even the first day of school and my nightmare has already started. My only wish is that the days ahead will be smooth-sailing for both Gordon and i. Pray harder for your sanity, Samm.... you'll need it....

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