Thursday, December 31, 2009

What's in for next year

I'm so so so so so so so sleepy now. It's been a long day. The kids are already in bed as they're also dead tired. The new school term is starting soon and i've got to get them to go to bed early again. It's important as i'm sending Gordon for morning tuition. I want him to have a fresh start for the coming year. The new time-shift will benefit all of us. Once the kids are back in school, i'll reclaim my me-time again. Cant wait for that. I promised myself i gotta start a bunch of niche blogs to boost my income for the new year. It's been down as i've been on holiday for a long time. Gotta add back some form of productive routine to my life.

I'm now packing away some old and unused stuff for the old folks home and orphanage. So much to send over during the weekend. I even found a lot of my company's old receipts. I've kept them over the years and i think it's time to discard them. As i was going through them, i remembered a friend asked me to help her look for a company that offers a good Fleet Program last weekend. It must have slipped my mind as i was busy with Christmas. 

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