Friday, November 06, 2009

Gordon's Graduation Day

In the blink of an eye, Gordon graduates from Kindy. It was just like yesterday that i held his small hand and walked him up to his classroom on his first day of school. That was three years ago. He's so grown up now. Though not as tall as most of his classmates and schoolmates his age, he's still a big boy to me.

This picture was taken yesterday. He was so handsome when i sent him to school. Halfway through lunch, his teacher called up and told us he refused to take his graduation pic and asked if we can go back to the school or not. And so, we practically stuffed noodles down our throat and rushed back to be there for my special kid.

And thanks to a patient photographer, and also his caring teachers, Gordon had his Graduation Picture taken outside the classroom is many different locations and poses. The photographer showed us the pics on his Nikon DSLR. I told his teacher i want every single one of those pics!!!! He's soooooo handsome. Dont you think so :)

Gordon is the luckiest boy at his Kindy as he's the only one that had his Graduation Picture taken with his parents. Thank God i applied the best under eye cream the night before. The  above pic was taken with my Nokia N82. Awwwww..... my boy graduate jorrrrr...... the first of many graduations to come (i hope)


SimpleJenn said...

Lucky boy, Lucky mum. Hansum boy, leng silai!

Twin said...

wah posing somemore hahahahha.

Lia Qistina said...

Hi Sam, how are you? Qistina here.

I've been reading your blog since the first time I knew it from, back on early 2008. Your post is short and entertaining. I'm looking forward to meet you someday!

Owh, one more thing. I'm blogging from Sabah. Honestly said, I really, really enjoy reading each one of your posts! I admired your wiriting style. Thanks Samm, you inspired me so much!.

Lucy Liew said...

Wah sam... got fan-see wor.... not bad ah....
Gordon ah Gordon, tai kor chai lor.... will be seeing his next graduation photo soon.

Samm said...

Simple jen - LOL!!!!

Twin - ya, action oni

Lia - Thanks for dropping by so often.

Lucy - mm hai mee yeh ah