Friday, November 06, 2009

Holiday soon....

The past few days has been quite stressed for all. Hubby just went back to KL. I wish he can go back on Monday, but too bad, work calls. Soon, the long school holidays will be here. I dont think i'll have much time to myself for the next few weeks. Gordon will start Std1 next year and i'll use the time available to help him learn as much as possible. He's a much pampered special kid and he has to learn to take care and protect himself when he goes to a whole new environment. I cannot be at the school all the time, but near enough just in case he needs me to be there.

As his school is near the mall, hubby suggests i hang out there for the first few weeks. He says there may be a modern furniture exhibition there in January and MIL wants to give the living hall a mini makeover for Chinese New Year. I can help her look for a new set of living room furniture. Let's see how. It's still too early to say anything.

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