Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sacrifice wat... utelmi $%^%$%^%$#%$

I really do hate it whenever i hear those brainless silais talk about how much they've sacrificed for their kids and so forth. Niamah. Shut the fark up lah, ok. Your kids never asked to be born into this world in the first place. It's your responsibility to make sure they live to see the next day. Sacrifice what, utelmi. You kids dont need all those frills and thrills to become a better person. It's your very own kiasu-ness that you make them attend all those extra classes and then you go whine and rub it into them that you sacrifice this and that just so that they can attend those classes. If you cannot shoulder the responsibility of parenting duties, then do yourself a favor and dont have kids. You dont deserve to have them. Then mai nothing to sacrifice lorrrr, mahai.

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