Friday, October 30, 2009

Watching Born Rich & Beyond The Realm Of Conscience 9

In about fifteen minute, i've got to leave the house to go pick my kids up already. For the past two hours or so, i've been busy watching both Born Rich and Beyond The Realm Of Conscience episode 9 streaming online. At the same time, working on my new knitting project and writing a blog post in between. I'm very good at maximizing the time i have at home. I should have taken a nap but i cant as i really want to finish up my blog posts, leaving the weekends free to spend with my kids.

Hubby wont be back this weekend. He just got back from Kuching and still have lots of appointments in KL. He even told me to help look for HVAC Refrigerant for him. His company needs to buy some. Well, i asked a few friends and they all have no idea where he can get them here locally. One of them gave me a link to check it out. I left it here in case anyone reading this may need to buy HVAC Refrigerant too.

It's good that hubby is so busy at work hard now. I'm used to being home alone with the kids. The kids get to speak with their father everyday. I told him we must get another supplementary line so that they can video chat, lol. In other words, he needs to carry another phone with him.I reminded him that O2 Zinc i bought for him two years ago is still sitting pretty on the shelf. It's still fairly new as it's hardly used.What a waste, huh....


bloggie said... to watch what ur watching? clicked on the link "watching now" and leads to somewhere else with no avail.


Samm said...

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