Friday, October 30, 2009

To my Mom's or Sis' this weekend??

I hope i can finish up my posts soon. I want to go to the beauty supplies store to get myself a face steamer and also a battery-operated rotary facial brush. A beautician told me to use it once a day when i wash my face. It cleans better than washing one's face by hand. I used to have a facial brush but i got tired of moving it in circular motion over my face. It can be tiring. A battery-operated one is definitely better. The acne scars on my face are not so red now and i can see it improving and healing by the day.

In another hour or so, i gotta go pick the kids up from the Kindy. It's Friday, and my kid has been asking for his baseball glove and bat since early this morning. I told him he can play with it after he comes home from his Tutor's. Tomorrow, he has art classes. I will then take both of them over to my Mom's or Sis' in the late afternoon and they can have fun with their cousins till night. My nephew keep buzzing me on MSN that he has a new baseball glove. He wants to show it to me if i go over to his place tomorrow.

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