Saturday, October 31, 2009

I want a boob job, cannot meh....

I didnt find the time to go get my rotary facial brush yesterday. Too bogged down with work and parenting duties. I'll be sending Gordon for his art class soon and if it doesnt rain, i'll drive to the beauty supplies store to see if they sell it or not. My SIL was a beautician and she says it's good for those with problematic skin. The brush will also supercharge my cleanser. I hope so too. I dont think my skin is the problematic kind, but it does break out occasionally. I blame it fully on lack of sleep, lack of exercise, proper diet and stress. Now that i've lessened my workload so much, i hope my overall health will improve.

I always joke with hubby that i'm going to reward myself with a breast augmentation the moment Malcolm stops breastfeeding. After three years, they are not as errrr.... "full" as before. Well, this is a very personal decision and i hope i'll have the courage to go for it when the time comes, lol. My pray the plastic surgeons here are as good as the ones like these Miami Plastic Surgery professionals. Nowadays, they also offer services from breast augmentation, to neck lifts, to liposuction and lots more. I'm lucky that i dont need to work on other parts of my body other than my boobs, lol. Oh... but who knows what will happen twenty thrity years from now, huh. Maybe then, hubby would treat me to a visit to a Miami Plasstic Surgeon. Woohoo!!! If you need some total body makeover, you may want to go check them out!!!

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