Friday, October 23, 2009

Looking forward to Saturday Shopping Day

I've been so busy since hubby came back from KL. He needs to do lots of banking and he goes to the one in Oldtown. It's very jammed there during lunch hours. So, i have to go with him and wait in the car whilst he does his stuffs. We hardly have any time left to do anything else. By the time he finishes with his cheques and transfers, it's time to go pick the kids up. We can only go for tea with Malcolm as that kid normally refuses to get off the car whenever his Papa is in town. What to do? Have to take him out.

It's already Friday and in another day's time, hubby will be away again. We still have tomorrow to take the kids out to the mall. Hubby told me last week he saw some very impressive Table Top Displays online and wanted to see if he can find something similar at the mall. I doubt it, lol. But if he cant find it, we can always order them online as usual. It's the internet age and everything can be purchased online at a few clicks of the mouse. 

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