Friday, October 23, 2009

Do you still send Christmas Cards?

Gordon loves Saturdays as he knows he goes to the art school on Saturdays. I have compiled all of his artwork into a clear folder. The most recent one will be out on display in the bedroom. I place it against the lampshade as the backlight makes it stand out even more. He's quite talented in art and i believe this is one of his favorite subject besides Maths. I think he's just like both hubby and i. Both of us can draw well. I still remember my childhood days quite well. Each time when i fall ill and has to stay at home, i will ask my mom for a dollar and run across the road to the shop to buy myself a drawing block. I will then stay inside the bedroom quietly and draw by myself.

My creative artwork also made some quite a bit of pocket money during my schooldays. Friends will ask me to help them make personalized Birthday or Greeting cards for them. Depending on my mood, i may even adorn those cards with ribbons and glitter. Those days, greeting cards are very expensive and schoolgirls like us cannot afford to buy them. Handmade ones are definitely cheaper and more personal. Talking of greeting cards makes me realize that Christmas is fast approaching. Have fun shopping for Christmas cards, ya.

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