Friday, October 30, 2009

I love handmade Christmas Cards :)

I just sent the kids to school a short while ago. I rushed back home as i need to publish a few posts. It's the end of the month and i want to wrap up my work before the 31st so that i can see the payment on the 1st, woot!!! Oh, it's not much. Maybe $100+ from this company. I have multiple streams of income from my blogs and this is just one of them. If i were to own a small car like the MyVi, the income i get from one company is definitely enough to meet the monthly installmenat. Abuthen, i dont have a car now, only a few more months of debts to settle. Thereafter, i'm a free person. Free from financial debts. HAPPY!!!!

At the Kindy just now, i saw Gordon's teacher talking to a parent. She says the kids will be making Christmas Cards soon. Gordon loves art and i hope he brings a nice one back this time. Have you ever made your own Christmas Cards before? Or are you the kind that prefers to buy Christmas Cards and sent to friends and family members? 

It's almost the end of the school term and by middle of next month, the kids will be home with me every single day again. Hubby did mention that he might get a place down in KL. If that's the case, i'll spend my holidays down in KL with the kids and hubby. Havent been living in the city for a long long time and i wonder if i'll ever get used to it again. The only thing i'm very sure is that if i ever spend my holidays there, i'll be a lot poorer when i come back, lol!!!!

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