Thursday, October 29, 2009

Need opinion on the Proton Exora

I do have a few friends who keep asking me why i dont have a car. Well, the truth is, i sold mine off when i moved back here as i no longer need it. Moreover, it's parked outside under the time and the UV is not doing the paintwork any good. Hubby asked me the other day to consider buying one next year. I need to fetch my kids to school in town and it's better that i use my own car instead of the family car. I'm not very particular what make or model my car is, but hubby did mention the Proton Exora. Well, it's big, roomy and the pricetag is somewhat in the affordable range for such a car. i asked my friend for his opinion last night and he launched into a long conversation that went from loan to rv breakdown services, lol. Whatever it is, any Exora owners here that can share their experience with this car? Please leave a comment behind, ya.

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