Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Malcolm and his portable DVD player

I got bored of having so many gadgets turned on inside the room. So, took the portable DVD player out for Malcolm to watch his favorite "Cars" movie on it. He's happy and i get some time to myself. I've had this portable DVD player for so long and yet, this is the first time i'm using it, lol. Can watch TV on it too. If only it can playback rmvb format, i'll use it more often. I can then watch In The Chamber Of Bliss, ICAC Investigators 2009, Hell's Kitchen Season 6, etc. on it. Oh, go watch these at my food blog. Request for the password at the comments section, k. Hmmm.... come to think of it, lemme go dig the car mount out. Malcolm will then sit quietly at the back when i'm driving, lol.

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Physiomom said...

clever mommy..smart blogger! Happy child!