Monday, August 17, 2009

Need new table lamp liao

I took my museum-piece table lamp to the electrical shop to see if i can get the transformer replaced or not. Too bad, they do not have the kind of transformer that came with my table lamp. I now have two choices, to dump it or wait till their stock arrives. Well, not that i cant live without a table lamp, but it does make my table look more errrr.... like a work table, lol. I have far touch clutter on my table now. Gotta give my whole bedroom a real detox soon :p

I dont think i want to wait. I'll just see what catched my eyes when i'm out shopping for those Dansko shoes my niece wanted. I prefer to work in the dark at night and it's only sane to have some sort of backlight to cut the glare from the LCD monitor. Right now, i'm using the LED emergency light i bought from Parkson months ago. Though it only has three tiny LED lights in it, it serves the purpose for the time being.

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