Monday, August 17, 2009

Malcolm's bicycle

Malcolm's bicycle chain broke last week. The night it broke, he was so sad. He rides his bicycle everyday. Till today, Gordon has never gotten the chance to ride it in his presence. I have to wait till Malcolm sleeps to let Gordon ride on the bicycle. We used to have two bicycles placed outside at the porch for the kids to ride in the evenings. Well, that was until IBS#3's kids decide that they can come and break them anytime they want. So now, Malcolm's bicycle stays inside the house and we have to remember to keep it inside the bedroom when we leave the house lest they drop by unannounced.

Hubby did suggest we get Gordon a bigger bicycle for his upcoming birthday end of this month. Me, i dont think the living hall can support two Mat Rempits, lol. Hmmmm.... i still havent decided what to get for my kid's 6th birthday. It's on the 29th, this month. He already has all the coolest gadgets any kid his age would ever want. Difficult task, right. Wait, i'll think about it later after i've finished checking out this stainless steel backsplash. Meanwhile, if you all have any suggestions, do drop me a comment. THANKS!!!!

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