Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

For the first time in my life, i celebrated my birthday with a group of close friends last Saturday. My friendship with a few of them went back as far as 30 years. Much as i hate Facebook for making me waste a lot of precious productive hours, i have to thank Facebook for making my birthday event possible at the same time. I've found many long lost friends through Facebook.

Though i do have many friends in Ipoh, a few of them traveled all the back from KL just for this day alone. This is real Friendship. Something that can never be bought. Good food and beer must go with great company. We even have plans to go up North just so to meet another friend of ours soon!!!! The thing is, i have to leave the kids behind with my hubby. He can have them for the weekend whilst the wife go paint Penang red with her group of friends, LOL!!!!


Philip said...

Happy belated birthday, Samantha!

2crazydogs said...

who in penang you girls are going to visit?

Samm said...

@ Philip - THANKS!!!!

@ 2crazydogs - Mee Kuen :)