Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lousy parking system at Jusco

My laundry's done and the rain just started pouring, lol. Looks like i wont get to hang it outside today. I'm washing all the heavy garments today; the jeans, towels and such. No problem, i'll just hang them on the staircase railing as usual. They will still dry by tomorrow. Now i'm still thinking whether to wash the second load of everyday clothes or not. They can continue to sit inside the laundry basket for the time being. I still need to get some important posts published. Malcolm is having his noon nap and Gordon is at his Tutor's. Had better make good use of the available time now.

I told hubby we're going out for dinner afterwards. I've not had Low Shee Fun for a long time and there's a shop near my place that sells it. I like the place as it's clean and we can get a parking space easily. Talking of parking, hubby was quite angry with someone at Jusco yesterday. I think you all know that we now have to queue up to pay our parking ticket before we can exit the parking lot, right. Something was wrong with the machine at the top floor carpark and he had to come down to the one right outside Black Canyon to have it scanned. It wouldnt read the parking ticket and also our Jusco card.

The line was so long and many people refused to queue up. A few jumped the line and the people in front just allowed them to do so. Cant they just wait in line like the rest of the people. I had to keep reminding him we're not in a hurry and to forget it. Now, this wouldnt have happened if Jusco's Management places some queuing posts there to guide the people to the machine. Having an Electronic Signage informing people where those machines are located is also helpful. Well, i hope the episode wont arise the next time we go there. Can really get on your nerves if one's in a hurry to leave.

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Mýr Fantasy said...

The current parking system used at Jusco Ipoh is a common one used at KL & Selangor. Therefore, pls change your shooping habits.