Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Any FyreTv owners here?

Owing to the A(H1N1) rising deaths, we've stopped sending the kids to school. Now, i gotta come up with so many activities just so to keep them occupied. No, i lied. Its actually to keep my sanity in check. Both boys are growing up so fast and getting more and more demanding by the day. Malcolm is also getting bolder and will "fight" with his brother too. If i dont intervene, someone is sure to fall down and get a blue-black mark somewhere. Boys will be boys. They wont stop until they see blood, lol. Sometimes, i do wish i have a girl.

Earlier this week, my nosy SIL was over for a visit. She didnt expect my kids to be home and asked 3756765434 questions on why they are around on a school day. I wasnt in a good mood to entertain her and went back insinde my room. She then followed me into my room and started asking me more questions. I should have locked the door behind me, damn. She then asked me what's that i have on my chest of drawers. It's actually my new DVD player but i told her it's my FyreTv, an Adult TV like Apple TV that streams adult content over the internet. She was

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