Monday, June 15, 2009

Shopping fun at Giordano

Giordano sure has a great way to make kids wanna stay at their outlets longer than their parents like them to. They have this table with toys to keep the little ones entertained while we adults try on shirt after shirt, pants after pants, etc. I dont really enjoy shopping for clothes. Only hubby likes to shop for clothes and he does that nearly every other day. It can be a chore accompanying him and waiting for him to try on his clothes. I didnt see anything that i like at Giordano, but hubby couldnt resist the 50% discounted tees for the kids. It's only about 20 bucks or so, not bad. We bought one each for the kids. As for hubby, i told him nothing looked good on him and he stopped trying after a while, lol. Good tip, right. Shhhhh..... dont tell him, hoh.

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Ley Mei said...

nice blog.. just visited.

I seldom do shopping nowsaday especially with the kids.. always got the wrong choice if i shop together with the kiddo.