Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Toddler made to lick maid's cibai

I got to know of this from hubby last night. He was out with some friends when one of them unfolded the event of how his toddler (son) was made to lick the maid's cibai when they were away at work. His friend came back to the house to get something and found the stereo blasting away at top volume. Sensing something amiss, he ran upstairs and found the maid lying on his bed half naked, and his son licking away at her cibai. There was a bottle of honey on the bedside table.

Can you imagine something as gross as this happening to your kid/kids? Would you ever trust someone else to take care of them ever again? Hubby's friend refused to file a police report against the maid as he doesnt want something as traumatic as this to haunt his son when he grows up. He sent her packing instead. The maid is indeed one lucky woman. She got off easily. Sometimes, you just cannot believe the things that they can be capable of in your absence. Can you symphatize with these maids when their employer torture them out of rage over incidents like this?

As a parent myself, i cannot help but empathize with hubby's friend's decision. If she's caught with someone else, a simple snapshot with a camera would provide sufficient evidence to lodge a police report and have her sent back to her homeland for good. But his cannot be applied in this case. It's something so grossly horribly shameful to put on record. I dont know about the rest of you with maids, but hubby strongly objects to having a maid taking care of our kids. That's the reason why i'm home all day long.

This is another video of maid abusing a child when her employers are away at work. I do not know the real source of this video but it's for real. Believe every second of it and be very afraid. Go home and check on them. Have CCTV installed at every corner to monitor them. Your child is really better off at a day-care. Dont say you cannot afford it. Having a maid is also not cheap these days. And this is the price you have to pay for convenience. Hire those domestic helpers that charges by the hour instead. I do have them over once or twice a month for a few hours work each time. They are under my supervision till they leave.

I understand that having a live-in maid can be helpful for household where both parents have to go out to earn a living. If you insist on having one, then by all means have an adult around to supervise them when you are away. If not, you only have yourself to blame for events like this. Maids really cannot be trusted at all. They are total strangers. If they dont like you reprimanding them for things they do, they will most certainly take it out on your kids. A close relative of mine was poisoned by the maid also. She added clorox to her MIL's drink. It was too diluted to do much real damage to her health. But one cannot be lucky all the time, okay. Think about it.


For my little gal - Breanna said...

Gosh.. first time to your blog and this is what I am reading.. ok, that's also another reason I am staying at home too despite anything..

renet13 said...

i'm a maid victim..u knw right. That's why i was forced to be on unpay leave for 1 year now & maid decision nt to have these blardy aliens who are heartless, cheater & betrayor running our household when we oso entrust our kids to them while we go out to wrk like shit! Thk God she didnt take my youngest daughter with her. Hopefully God will send her to hell for all that she has done to us & to previous victim..who knws!

Lucy Liew said...

Walau-eh.. This maid ah, damn lucky. If it was up to me, I'd send her chibai packing to jail and let lick some other jail butch's chibai man.

It's people like her that gives other good maids a bad name.