Monday, June 15, 2009

Gadgets on strike

The thing with gadgets is that, if they want to screw up on you, they can really screw up on you big time. My pc is throwing a tantrum of late. It became sluggish and i took it back to the service center to have it formatted. A few days later, it restart by itself every hour. I sent it back for a checkup but they cannot detect anything wrong with it. Yesterday, it acted up on me again and i suspect it got infected with some dunno-what and i took it back to the service after sending the kids to school.

For reasons known only to myself, i agreed to have Windows 7 installed on it. I know it's still in beta stage, but what the heck. Let's just see what's all the hoohah about tomorrow. If it cannot run my drivers and softwares, it's going back in again. Not that i dont have enough gadgets to keep me going. I'm also in the mood to resurrect the pc in the guest room. All it needs is a network card and a monitor and it's ready to go. Geeeee..... 22" LCD monitors are dirt cheap these days. Shall i?????

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