Monday, June 15, 2009

Lighting makes great house-warming gifts

YAY!!!! School holidays over!!! My sanity is returning slowly. You wont know how tiring it's been. But then, i'm also happy that my kids enjoyed their holidays though they didnt get to go anywhere much. Gordon still goes to his tutor's during the weekdays. We do try to take the both of them out for brunch everyday though. After dropping Gordon off, Malcolm will hang out with us.

We've been to many showhouses and car showrooms. Malcolm loves cars very much and we were so afraid he wants to take one home, lol. Who can afford a new car these days. I told hubby in the event i need to buy a car next year, i'll only get myself a used car as all i do with it is send the kids to school and back, that's it. He argued that if we get a better car like a used MPV, we can even travel to the city on weekends. I told him he can buy that for me instead, haha.

A friend will be moving into his new house in a few months time. Hubby says it's good time to start thinking of a good house-warming present. Me, i always like to buy lighting as house-warming gifts. It's thoughtful, and USEFUL too. 

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