Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This Mike & Chris dress nice or not?

There was a time i had a hard time trying to get Malcolm to get into the car after school. Now, i'm having a hard time trying to get him to get OFF the car after school. He knows that i have to send Gordon to the tutor's after school, and insists that we go have tea before we go home. Sometimes, Gordon cannot finish his homework and he has to go there again in the morning before he goes to school. After sending him to his Tutor's, Malcolm will want me to take him out for brunch.

And this is what happened today and yesterday morning. Gordon missed school last Thursday as he came down with fever. There was so much homework piled up. Sometimes, i really do wonder if it's necessary for six year olds to have so much homework in a single day. i can only imagine what kind of torture he will be undergoing starting next year in Std 1. Anyway, as Oldtown Kopitiam is just nearby, both of us went there to kill time. We have an hour plus to kill, ok.

Malcolm is better behaved and less clingy when out these days. He's bigger and i even let him have Gordon's PSP, haha. He likes to watch anything that has CARS in it. Whilst enjoying our brunch, hubby called up and told me he found me a dress. He asked me for my size but i told him it's ok as a friend is coming back from the US and she will be bringing it back for me. Not bad, huh. Will surely hide my skinny frame well, lol.

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