Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Anyone into designer jewelry here?

I bumped into a girlfriend when i was having brunch with Malcolm at Oldtown Kopitiam earlier. We've not met each other for a long time. She was with some friends and i dont feel like talking much either. There wasnt many empty tables and just as luck would have it, there's one right next to hers. So, no choice. It's either i sit there or leave. I chose to stay. I can almost hear everything that they were talking as they were rather loud.

One lady kept showing off all the designer jewelry her hubby bought here recently. I am 100% sure her hubby has a concubine elsewhere, lol. I'm not very much into designer jewelry. But even if i have, i sure wont want to show them off like her. Do you like designer jewelry? If you do, then go take a look at these. They are way better than what the lady wore just now.

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