Monday, May 18, 2009

Pregnancy stories

I have a few friends who are finding it hard to get pregnant. Well, for one they are no longer young. Most of them are already in their late thirties and there's one in her early forties. I know it's not easy to try for a baby. I tried for seven years before i got pregnant with Gordon. In fact, i conceived him when i stopped trying.

My period was late for more than 45 days before i went and bought myself a pregnancy test kit to confirm it. It was negative. I bought another one two weeks later when my period really didnt come. It was only after i missed my period for more than 60 days that i found that i was pregnant. I didnt know to laugh or cry then. But hubby immediately drove me to a doctor's to confirm it. Seven months later, Gordon was born. HAPPY.

When Gordon was 13 months old, i got pregnant again. The baby didnt thrive and i miscarried. Words cannot describe my joy when i conceived Malcolm. I dare not tell anyone until the pregnancy was stabilised. And in July 2006, another bundle of joy was added to the family. In a way, i was very lucky as i have two wonderful pregnancies. I had no food aversions nor any form of pregnancy complications. I didnt even pile on much weight.

Not many people are blessed with such smooth-sailing pregnancies. Some even had to spend many months in bed. Some have high blood pressure. Oh, the list is endless. I'm already in my mid thirties and do not want another baby. Dont ask me the "what if" question. I have no answer for that now. I just want to bring up my two kids happily and hope God will bless my family and i with good health.

Those of you trying for baby now may want to check out this gurgle pregnancy site for tips on how to get pregnant fast. You'll get lots of tips and advice on pregnancy there. Make sure you have a good diet plan if you are trying for a baby. Most important, see a doctor to make sure you are of optimum health and take all the supplements he prescribes for you. Good luck. Hope you have a good and enjoyable pregnancy.

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