Tuesday, May 12, 2009

So much to blog about

There are like a hundred and one things running through my mind now. I've been very busy since last week. Dont ask me why, but i'm truly exhausted. Hubby's back since last week and in a way, i'm glad he's here to help me out. He'll be away soon, and the boys and i will miss him a lot. Malcolm already knows there are days he wont get to see his Papa. So much so that each time hubby goes out to meet a friend for an hour or two, he would assume that Hubby's away on another business trip. At least he wont pine for him and refuse to eat and such.

There's so much that i want to blog about lately. I wanted to blog about this Guess dress that i saw online the other day. It'll be great to wear in such hot weather. Oh, do go take a look at it form the link i left here in this post. I'm sure you will love the floral design and beautiful colors. as much as i do. I even went to the Guess outlet at Jusco to see if i can find it there. Unfortunately, they dont have it. If i want the Guess dress, i'll have to buy it online. I have no problem with online shopping.

I also wanted to tell you about the things i've bought over the weekend for my kids. I wanted to blog about how i celebrated Mother's Day. Oh, lots more. See.... so much to blog about and yet, i didnt get to do it. Why? It's because Streamyx was so screwed that i cant even load my blogs. Well, i've got lots to catch up on, especially work. Sigh.....

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