Thursday, May 07, 2009

Project OFF OFF OFF - success!!!

I'm feeling much better these few days. Can walk, can blog, can scold thimm. Anyway, i've found out what's making me sick all along. It's the blardy fan in the room. You see, in a bid to try to save some money off my electricity bill (Rm570 is a hell lot to pay, ok), i've stopped using the air-cond during the day. Not only the air-cond, i've also been turning off all unused electrical items which had been left on standby.

I've also stopped using the water heater during the day as the weather is so damn hot. I bathe my kids as soon as they get home after school. Then, apply St. Luke's prickly Heat powder on their body to stay cool. I dont turn the bathroom lights on unless i use it at night. The light and fan will be turned off outside at the living hall after 8pm since everyone is in their own rooms. MIL complains though and insists it should be on till at least 10pm. Well, that'll depends on my mood, lol. I will keep turning it off as the living hall looks nice with only the altar lamps on.

Now, what else? I vacuum lesser in week. I didnt use the toaster oven to bake. The kids also dont get to watch TV nor turn the DVD on much. Cant remember what else i did but i was quite successful last month and managed to shave almost Rm200 off my bill. Not bad, eh. But at who's expense? Mine loh. I cannot stand having air spinning around me. I'll vomit and feel as though i'm about to die lidat. It's still spinning above me as i type, but now, i'll just sit here for a short while and then leave the room.

I still need to get one kitchen item to help me save more. It's a whistling kettle, lol. My MIL uses the electric jug kettle to boil water each time she makes ONE cup of coffee. And she drinks like 7 cups a day. There's a thermos flask but she doesnt want to use it. What to do? Best thing is to get rid of the electric jug kettle lorr, haimai. Using gas is still cheaper than hitting the "ON' button, ok. But i cant seem to find a nice one lehhh. Where can i find a nice designer whistling kettle? I want one that will make me WANT TO USE IT!!!!


Rose said...

Wow! you are sure very "keng"!! But a good way to cut down the cost :)

Kelly said...

Haha... me too. Hubby has been complaining about the high electricity bills and now that I will make sure all switches are off when not in use and no a/c, only fan is on at the living hall. Not sure if this project would be a success or not as I just started early this month. We will see.;)