Friday, May 01, 2009

1st of May

1st of May is indeed a wonderful day for many. It is at least , for my sis, who's out celebrating her birthday with her hubby and girls. My kids and i were at her place for the whole afternoon. I treated her to lots of Secret Recipe cheese cakes and even helped her clean out her leftovers inside the fridge, lol. My mom dropped by later in the evening and my sister-in-law also brought another box of Secret Recipe cheese cake, hahaha. What a coincidence, hoh.

As for me, i'll be home alone with the kids on weekends. This is usual as hubby is in KL. Malcolm can now tell me, "Papa is working. Papa is at the Office. Papa is in KL..." Very cute indeed. He's already down and out after a long and tiring day. Gordon doesnt want to go to bed and insists i turn the TV on. Dowan lah. Noisy tousei. I'm going to turn the monitor and lights off after this post and get his to sleep. Tomorrow is another long day. Go where? To my mom's??????

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laundryamah said...

too bad we didn't have the chance to meet time hor??