Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wear silk in hot weather

The yarn shop called up just now and told me to go over if i have the time. Their new yarn collection just arrived and they say i'm going to like it very much. I thanked them and told myself over and over again not to go to the yarn store. I still have lots of new yarn worth thousands of dollars over at the guest room and i dont have time to knit them all. If i go to the yarn store, i'll end up with another batch, lol. Somehow, i think i'm addicted to buying yarn more than knitting itself. I just cannot resist seeing new yarn. And this time, they've got silk yarn, aaarrggghhh...... SILK!!!!

Silk is one of the best material to wear in hot weather. It's soft, lightweight and cooling. I can even knit silk tops and wear one on top of the other without feeling hot. I cant do that with cotton yarn. They are just too thick. Layering knitted tops adds dimension and depth to the design. Just take a look at this Alexander Wang dress and you'll understand what i mean. Can you see how great the Hot Pink lining looks beneath the white top. The material has to be sheer enough in order to achieve this effect. If you dont have the time to knit yourself something like this, you can always buy this dress from the link here.

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