Sunday, April 19, 2009

I dread getting the electricity bill

I dread this time of the month. I get the electricity bill around this time. Do you know how much my electricity bill was last month? I had to fork out Rm570 last month just for electricity alone. That's a lot to pay and it keeps escalating each month. I've tried cutting down on electricity usage a lot and hopefully, i'll see the difference reflected in this month's bill. If not, i really dont know what else to do except to file an official complaint with TNB.

The other day, a relative dropped by and asked my in-laws why our lights were off at around 8pm. Well, i turned them off as there are no one outside at the living hall after 8pm. My kids are inside the bedroom, and my in-laws are in theirs. They just chose that particular moment to drop by unannounced. Their fault, right. Should have called before coming over. One of the wall lamp at the living hall is fused and i'm not even in the mood to change the light bulb. Why bother when i never turn it on.

And yesterday, i saw this beautiful PBteen chandelier and wished that i can buy it back for my bedroom. The chandelier will look great in one corner. I like it so much but i work in the dark these days. Yes, i need to save electricity, ok. No point buying it back if i dont turn it on, right. Just in case you dont know, i use a backlit keyboard. That's why i can work in the dark.

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