Monday, April 20, 2009

Megabloks for my kids

I didnt leave the house the whole weekend. Both busy and tired at the same time. Hubby is the kind that cannot stand being stuck at home for long. And so, he dragged us all out to Jusco for lunch despite my protest. Jusco Sale is on and that place is like a madhouse with shoppers grabbing grabbing grabbing grabbing and grabbing.

My Man got lucky and found a place up at the rooftop. We headed to Black Canyon for food. After that, i went and bought the largest set of Megabloks for my kids. They love playing with it and Gordon can play for hours on end with the around-twenty-or-so pieces that he has. I promised him long time ago that i'll buy it for him but keep forgetting.

Faster lah, KorKor....

And so, this is what i bought. 80 pieces of Megabloks for Rm99.90. No discount also, cheh. Hamik Jusco Sale lah. But as long as i see happy faces and hear lots of laughter, it's worth every cent. You should have seen Gordon when we reached home. He just cant wait to play with it and all the Mader wants to do is take pics, lol.

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