Friday, April 17, 2009

Long weekend off

The weekend's here and i'm out of cake, lol. I'll have to keep my fingers crossed that Malcolm is not going to throw any tantrums. That kid is not easy to pacify. I called up Nancy Chong at around 3pm but was told they are out of butter cake too. Can only buy tomorrow. It's going to be a long weekend as Monday is a holiday. Starting now, i'm going to rot at home with the kids till hubby comes back. He called to say he'll be back on Sunday. Ya, i'll believe him when i see his face at the front door, lol.

I have a good mind to clear the kitchen of unwanted stuffs this weekend. My MIL loves to buy stuffs back and keep them inside the kitchen cabinets. But then, she will only use them a few times. She'll then forget about them and buy new things, lol. You'll be amazed at the number of Tupperwares, oven mitts, bakeware, expired foodstuffs all over the place. If i dont clear them, i'm afraid some will end up inside me.

Talking of oven mitts, i need to buy a new one for myself. I saw this PACMAN oven mitt yesterday and it's so adorable. I also want to go pick up a new countertop oven so that i can do some baking occasionally. Oh well, let's see how the clearing goes first. If not, there wont be enough space for new things.

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