Thursday, April 16, 2009

Time to take Gordon for a swim

I went through some of my old posts one by one just now. I then realized how much my kids have grown. See, this is one of the good things about having blogs. All the memories are etched onto the internet. Both good and bad, happy times, bad times, they are all there for me. In a way, i really miss the carefree days. But being carefree has it's consequences. If i dont launch blogs, if i dont keep blogging, if i dont learn new skills, i dont get money.

I saw the posts where we took the kids to Port Dickson back in July 2007. Malcolm was still so small then, and Gordon hasnt even turned 4 years old. He looked so cute with his Barney and Baby Mickey. We had a lot of fun at Port Dickson. Malcolm loves playing in the pool. As for Gordon, he wont go near the pool and will scream if i go near it with him. And so, he stayed will me and played with his PSP, lol. I brought along my swimsuit but didnt get to wear it at all.

I still dont know if he's still afraid of water or not. He loves playing in the bathtub though, lol. Since hubby stays in KL most of the time, perhaps we should take him there for a weekend and go stay at a nice hotel with a pool. I saw this Norma Kamali swimsuit the other day and wonder how i'll look in it. Time i discard the old one and buy myself a new swimsuit. What do you think? Will men nosebleed when they see a lady wearing this? The mesh fabric makes this swimsuit so sexy. Shall i.....

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