Sunday, April 19, 2009

Do you like this Kate Spade tote?

It's my sis' birthday next month. We met up for tea last week and she hinted that she saw a nice handbag at Esprit. I shop there a lot and also bought a bag recently. Nothing fancy, just a simple crossbody bag. I only use crossbody bags, backpacks and waist pouches as i need to have both hands free to do other things. I cannot stand using a sling bag that drops off my shoulders half the time as i move or bend up and down when out. Much as i love this colorful Kate Spade tote, it's not suitable for the time being. In fact, i do have something like that. It's a gift from my best friend and i use it to store my yarn, lol. Shhhh... dont tell her. She'll kill me if she finds out.

Well, if you love totes, then this is a good one. It's big enough to store all your knick knacks. To me, totes do double duty as fashionable shopping bags too. Have you seen those Departmental store shopping bags. They are hideous, right. I sure wont want to be caught using one no matter how many extra loyalty points they offer. I prefer to bring my own shopping bags. My shopping bags can all be folded up into a small pouch. Very convenient. Back to this Kate Spade tote. If you are looking for one, i'd say go for this. It'll go well with everything. As for the price.... oh, USD345 only!!! *faints*

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