Thursday, August 07, 2008

Of emails and money

My free push email on N82 is being upgraded, and so i turned it off for the day. Since i told myself i'm on a month-long blogging leave, i shouldnt be checking on my mail too much either. And with the free push email on N82 off, i'm a lesser freak also. It takes a helluva self-control and courage for someone who's connected to the internet 24/7 to actually turn push email off, you know. And this is especially true when each beep is related to money.

Anyway, i really shouldnt be up typing this at this hour. But my kid woke me up and after putting him back to bed, i took the opportunity of test the push email function on my N82 to see if the upgrade is completed or not. And boy, I've got more than 66 unread emails on my phone, lol. I ran through them slowly on my warm bed. Those emails are mainly notifications and forwarded mails from my vast number of email accounts. Three important money-related ones.

The first being a refund from one of my online purchases as the seller was trying to contact me for some last-minute details and needed an immediate reply. Too bad, i wasnt aware of it. So, i got back USD19.50. Fine by me. Second, i got an offer for one of my blogs. Dont even need to write anything in order to get paid, lol. Who has the mood to write now lah. Half asleep and eyes also damn dry. Done with it also, kachinggggg. HAPPY!!!!

Third, i was challenged by a network to post 20 posts in a month for USD50 bucks. The network involved wanted to test how frequent posting would affect the traffic to my blog and i'll even get a report from them at the end of the challenge date. 20 posts jek haimai. What 30 days lah. Skali i good mood, tomorrow one sitting i gaotim saii. Cos that challenge is for my food blog which i dont do ads on. Post-date them to publish five times a week, easy peasy. USD50 bucks, SART!!!!!

See, money just cant stay away from me wannn. Even when i've declared to not think about it nor attempt to scratch my head on how to print more, they just fall onto my lap. How to refuse. Or maybe this is my birthday month. Yes, i believe in birthday month being the luckiest month of all. I made my first 5-figure income back in August 2007, and the following months after that too. Oh, i'm going back to my warm bed. Another busy day ahead of me....


Raynebow said...

Hey Samm... that USD50 offer to write 20 posts in a month - i got that too. But they said the payment is "USD50 Amex Gift Card" - what exactly is that? Can i use that fund even though i don't have an Amex a/c? I only have PayPal.

Samm said...

U use it like your credit card until the USD50 habis. It's just a pre-paid card jek lah.

Raynebow said... do they credit this into yr PayPal or it's a separate a/c (eg to my credit card a/c or do i hv to sign up for some new a/c?) Hey, what's your food blog url/link - care to share? :)

Samm said...

They will send you the card lah i think