Sunday, August 03, 2008

Dont think of money for one month can or not?

I suddenly have this urge to not work for the whole of this month. Instead, i'll use the time to revamp my whole empire of blogs. Deleting off many that arent performing, changing templates, upgrading plugins, and all that jazz. Life can be a bitch when your blog runs into the three digits. I dare not even think of four. I'm sick of how some of my blogs look. They look that way cos they are supposed to be search engine friendly. But not Samm-friendly lehhh. See also sien. Blekkkk... time i carry out a major blogs overhaul.

But can i really stop making money online for one month? One month worrrrrr..... That's apart from a few companies which i cannot run away from lah. And also those that just fall onto my lap. I'm lucky in a sense that i have automated stream of income without having to do much. I believe i can afford to lose a bit this month. I have faith that once i've revamped them, who knows, my income may increase 10 folds leh, haimai. Dunno? Only time will tell.

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mistipurple said...

congrats wor. with my kind of income from posts, i cannot even feed my baby, if i had one, a tin of milk powder every week pun. haiz. but ya, i haven't done my homework la.