Sunday, August 03, 2008

Afternoon at the mall

No, i'm not there now. This was taken yesterday. As usual, enjoying their greentea ice-cream after lunch. Hubby just left for KL about an hour ago, leaving a teary, wailing Malcolm behind. Gordon's ok as i'm around. Should've bought a baby carrier when he was born so Papa can piggy back him wherever he goes. Regret 500x.

The harness of the green Mothercare stroller finally disintegrated. The Quinny Zapp is still pending repair. Time Gordon walks alongside me from now onwards. Gotta improvise a safety harness from all the buckles i salvaged from the stroller. Save me a trip to the baby store. Unless the one near my house sells it. That fler sprints when on the loose.

Malcolm's not feeling well. Ran a temperature last night. Ok now after a dose of paracetamol. Just have to keep giving him water. Heaty gua. Wearing his shoes in bed with me now, he's wailing again as i'm punching this post on my N82. Will most prolly be lidis till his Papa comes back. Haih..... nap time. *hits option > send....*

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