Friday, August 01, 2008

i-Dola, u-Bodo

Tell me, which moron would want to buy the i-Dola? At Rm1k, do you know that you can buy a use laptop with much better specs than what the i-Dola offers. Moreover, if you take a closer look at the i-Dola, it's just as empty as it's namesake version. Who wants something that still runs on Pentium 4, wtf. And to cut cost, no hard disk. Use thumb drive???? Wei, thumb drive cheap issit.

What else have they omitted from this so-claimed cheap i-Dola? Niamah, sommore wanna rip money off students and housewives worrrr. To you businessmen, i dont know whether you can run all your applications or not also, lol. No hard disc how to install and run, lol. Got DVD player or not? Got webcam or not? Something as easy as this also need two years to develop???? Tiu, Malaysia really BOLEH.......

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