Friday, July 11, 2008

YoNaturals Vending Health Food for Schools

Every now and then, Gordon comes home from school with some snacks. Maybe he was a bit too active for his teacher and so, she gave him sweet or two to bribe him into behaving. I have nothing to do over this as he can a real handful at times back home. So, as long as the school doesnt send me a letter one day telling me to take him out of school, i'm more than happy to close one eye over that one or two sweets.

When i went to register Gordon for Primary School, i took a walk to the school canteen to check on what they are selling to the kids. I do see that they are still selling a lot of MSG-laden junk food and titbits to school children. Well, despite all the awareness campaigns and ruling over this matter, i still dont understand why the schools are still doing this. Too bad there's no stopping unless them unless our authorities step in to ban it totally.

I've heard of YoNaturals Vending Health Food for Schools. My friend told me her kid's school has one. Now, if only we can have one of these vending that's filled with healthy snacks for school children. These vending machines are filled with Natural and Organic snacks and drinks that meet nutritional guidelines for kids. Too bad, it's not going to happen here. I think i should just go the extra mile and pack lunch for my kids next time.

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