Friday, July 11, 2008

100 posts in three hours

It's Friday. The kids have gone to school. I didnt send them. My ultra hiao hubby wants to go for a facial and i told him to go without me. I tell you, hoh. All these time-wasting activities really doesnt interest me at all. I'd rather use it to update my money-making empire. Only someone who's in semi-retirement mode has the mood to go lie down inside a cold salon and have their face kneaded like dough. Blehhh.... not for me.

With less than three hours to work, i have a lot to write. For the next two days, the kids will take up most of my time. I've not planned anything for them this weekend. Maybe back to my mom's, go to my sis', to the park again, anything. I've always wanted to take them to the club for a swim, but Gordon is afraid of the pool. Only Malcolm is eager to jump in. What to do, stay home and play Wii Sports lorrr. Somewhat the same mah, haimai.

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