Saturday, July 12, 2008


Gordon loves numbers these days. The jigsaw puzzle i bought for him a few months back is all in pieces now, lol. Many of the pieces have now gone missing. Gordon can spend a long time playing with the loose pieces , forming numbers on the bedroom carpet. See how he decorates the number 4 with his toys.


Alex said...

Kids never cease to amaze. My youngest son would have the ability to piece together puzzles after 1 play with it. Seems to me that he has either a photograhic memory or he has some other gift. If you could, cultivate your son's imagination. Encourage it if you will. I've read somewhere that during the child's formation years, once you put something in their brain, it stays in.

Samm said...

alex - i just opened a new deck of cards for him to play with. He just loves numbers and like your son, has phtographic memory too. Hope it lasts jek, lol.