Friday, July 25, 2008

Where can i buy a Digital Radio?

I think many of you may be wondering how come i can stay up blogging till the wee hours of the morning, right. Well, apart from a few chat buddies to keep me company, i keep my player with some TVB drama series running in the background. I resize it so that it's at its smallest size so as not to get in the way of my blogging. Sometimes, i just wish i have a huge 24" LCD monitor so that i can keep all my apps on top running as i type. They keep me sane, really they do. Apart from that, i listen to music streamed from my Nokia N82.

I've always wanted to buy a mini compo back to play some music for my kids when they sleep. It does help them sleep better. During the day, i can listen to my favorite radio stations as i work. The thing is reception here is depressingly lousy and i thrashed that idea. The other day, a friend told me about this Digital Radio he's been listening to. It's this Jensen JiMS 525i, and he can use iTunes Tagging to build his music library. Well, he can also check out lots of high quality new music stations on it too. Looks like he's more advanced than i am in this area. Time for me to upgrade to Digital Radio, lol.

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