Saturday, July 26, 2008

Looking solvent recovery systems?

We took the kids out for a breath of fresh air last night. At the food court, we bumped into a friend of hubby's and they decided to join us at our table. One of them is a furniture manufacturer. Hubby asked him if the current economic situation affected his business or not and he said it's really bad. Especially now that fuel has gone up so much, his export orders have dropped by more than 50%.

He now wants to find more ways to cut operating costs. He's thinking of a down-sizing exercise and has already spoken with his partners on how to compensate their workers. If not, he says he may have to close down the business. He was just in the midst of looking for Solvent Recovery System to reduce waste and re-use some of their expensive solvents. It's important that they have this Waste Recovery System as soon as possible.

Before we left, he gave us some links to this website that deals with Solvent Recovery and told us to check it out. I have a close friend who's also in this furniture manufacturing business. I believe he'll want to save cost too. This information will definitely be useful to him.

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