Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dar, we need the Mercedes E200 Kompressor larrrr

The economy is not getting any better with inflation rate at an all-time high with CPI for June surges to 7.7%. I have to come up with better measures to help hubby cut costs. I dont know how far true, but first, i'm going to ask hubby to fast fast trade our old Proton Wira in for a new Mercedes E200 Kompressor. You know, i'm only following the good advice by the Terengganu state government. I got read our local newspaper wan, you know.

He says this way, we can save a lot of money just on maintenance fee alone. You say good idea or not. I have to work out some calculations with hubby that it's only a 200l capacity car and it should consume the same if not similar amount of petrol each month if we do not go anywhere anymore except to send the kids to and back from school. Continental cars have a longer lifespan than our local ones and can fetch a good resale value and we wont have any problem disposing it later on.

And since it seldom breaks down, the car can spend more quality time with us than at the cold workshop. Hubby can also polish it more often and at the same time, get a good workout whilst doing that. Ahhhh, our neighbor's daughter can feast their eyes on him then. Me, i can even look more classy sitting in one. The Mercedes E200 Kompressor may just make me want to get back into the driver's seat again. If lidis, i must go stock up on organic sunblock lerrr.

Arent i just a good wife. I'm becoming better and better at helping hubby save some money in this unavoidable economic downturn. Haih, i only have one problem now. I cant decide which color to get. You know, it has to be some fengshui color so that our business can pick up again. Maybe i'll just tell him i wont be buying anymoe gadgets for the rest of the year. Not even a GPS for the car since my Nokia N82 already comes with one built-in. What say you. Good idea, hoh..... niamah.

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Raynebow said...

Mercedes has been getting lots of free publicity lately, thanks to the Trengg govt! Yeah...get a RED one! Very good luck cororrr!