Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Weekend fun at People's Park

Last Friday, i said i'd take the kids to the park for some fun and i did just that. We went to People's Park. The thing is, i was very surprised to see so few people there. People's Park usually has lots of kids running and jumping about. We dont even have to drive round and round hunting for a parking space.

I thought we were early, but nope. Even at 5pm, the place only had less than 10 kids running about. Doesnt take much guessing to know this has got something to do with the recent fuel price hike, how sad. People now have no choice but to stay home and mope during weekends.

In a way, i dont have to worry about bigger kids bumping and pushing the smaller ones when the adults werent looking. They can get a bit rowdy without supervision. But as you know, there's nothing much we can do about it except to keep an eye on ours. And yes, a stern stare usually does the trick.

The swings were unoccupied. Usually, we have to wait in line for someone to leave before Malcolm can sit in one. There were two naughty boys there trying to swing the seats over the top bar. I pointed the camera at them and told them i'll send the pictures as proof of vandalism to the police station and get them arrested. They got scared and ran, lol.

Hubby took Malcolm over to the wading area and i followed with Gordon. Enough of chasing after him anyway. That fler is still very much afraid of water. You can see him trying his best to run away. Malcolm on the other hand wanted to jump in. He would have done so if hubby didnt have his hands around him.

We werent that hungry after play. Gordon dragged me to the ice-cream counter and i got him two scoops. Both hubby and i had iced-lemon tea. The eating area is shaded and the weather is very nice that day. No hot sun at all. We have a nice view of the wading area from where we sat. Dont you just wish you can strip and jump into the cool water?

I did some camwhoring at the Tandoori Chicken stall. The waiter there asked me to take a pic of him and not just the chicken. So, he asked for it. Handsome or not, lol.

And here are some pics of the Nasi Kandar stall.

The kids were reluctant to leave the place. Malcolm tried to squirm away and Gordon was tugging as he wanted to run back to the play area. It's getting late, and we promised we'll take them there again. Didnt say when though, lol. Hope you enjoyed reading my weekend fun at People's Park. Been there?


ehany said...

hi! how's the food at nashmir? any good? never been there myself...

**another ipoh mom**

2crazydogs said...

Where is People's Park? Behind Kamdar on Anderson Rd?

Samm said...

ehany - food there so-so only. Service also so-so only, lol.

2crazydogs - neh, old town bridge lehhh. Email me please, i need your help.

wisesim said...

Hey! That's not People's Park le! That's the RM4M people's money park le! The most expensive park in the world! The real people's park is behind Kamdar friend. :)
I am working closeby but never been to this so called park. If I were you, I will never let the kids to take a dip at that pool. Lots of germs. :)