Friday, June 27, 2008

How do you spend weekends with the kids?

Friday is nearly over and done with. Come tomorrow, both my kids will be with me whole day long and there wont be much time left to work on my blogs. In fact, weekends are meant for them. I didnt plan anything as it's getting more and more costly just to go anywhere these days. Even though we are not out on a shopping trip, but the recent petrol and electricity tariff hike have caused a lot of price increase.

I try my best to stay away from the malls as the temptation to swipe my credit card is greater at those places. I'm not an impulsive shopper, but if i'm at Parkson, i do get tempted to go down to Cold Storage and stock up on grocery items out of convenience. And you know how much higher prices there are? Easily 10 to 15% more if i were to buy elsewhere. The same goes for Jusco supermarket.... aikksss!!!

I dont shop at Tesco, Giant and other hypermarkets as they are too far from where i live. The largest Tesco hypermarket is being built at Station 18, which is just near my place. It's right opposite Pengkalan Mall. In time to come, the main access road will be very jam. Largest isnt always better. It may create more opportunity for retailers, but that will also translate to congestion for nearby residents.

So, how do i spend the next 50 plus hours without spending a bomb? By that, i mean hanging out at the mall or eating at fancy places. I suggested taking the kids to People's Park in the evening and let them play for an hour or two there. Then, have some food at the food center. It's only mamak food, wont cost a lot. I know it's not healthy food, but what the heck. Not that we do it each weekend what. Till then, cant really think much now.

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